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PackTube is a company established due to the market demand and rapid development of both cosmetics and food industries, which means the increasing demand for tubes and laminate sachets. Our company has a modern equipment for production of one- and multi-layer tubes. In addition, we offer high quality prints, which are produced by using the following techniques: flexographic, typographic, offset and at Customer’s request   – cold- stamping technique

PackTube – the market leader in filling liquid and semi-liquid materials

MONIQUE’s experience, which has become the foundation stone of PackTube, has been present on the market since 1997. Until today, it is a rapidly growing company, which main field of operation is filling liquid and semi-liquid materials into flat sachets, pouches and Doypack sachets produced of multi-layer laminates.

As a result of applying the Internal Quality Management System, our companies are a guarantee of high quality of products, additionally, reliability and on-time deliveries determine our main objectives. Thanks to our outstanding technical infrastructure, creativity and close cooperation with the Customer, we produce unique products, highly esteemed on the European market!

High-tech infrastructure

We employ the Bossar and Norden machines, use the laminates produced by the best European companies and cooperate with the best printing houses in Poland.

Depending on the Customer’s needs, we produce the laminate sachets with the internal and external prints by applying various techniques (flexographic, digital). Thanks to having the various equipment, we are able to pack cosmetic materials, which are in the form of liquid, emulsion, cream, gel, mousse and also loose materials (powder).

Our packages as a guarantee of high quality and Customers’ market success

PackTube, as being an ambitious enterprise, which strives for the leader position in the packing industry, offers a wide range of products and services of the highest quality. Since 1997 we have been providing various types of packages, which are mainly applied in the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries.


laminate tubes

ABL and PBL laminate tubes

We offer ABL and PBL laminate tubes of the following dimensions: diameter – 30, thread of a tube neck – M15; diameter – 35, thread of a tube neck – M15. The perforation of a tube is covered with the diaphragm of the following types: AL. PE/ AL./PET. The cylinder dimensions of the tube depend on its diameter and volume: capacity (ml).
There is a possibility of applying one of the following print techniques: flexographic, typographic, offset (6 colours + varnish, cold stamping)

Capacity (Ml) ᴓ 30 (mm) ᴓ 35 (mm)
25 70
30 78
40 95 75
50 110 90
60 125 102
75 150 115
100 150
125 175
150 196




Single sachets cdrpojedyncza eurotech


Sachet is a package type, which is perfect for all kinds of promotions, however, it may function as a commercial product as well. They are filled with the liquid and semi-liquid materials, gel and also with loose products, capsules or pills. Filling capacity: from 1 mm up to 50 ml, sachets dimensions: from 50 x 70 mm up to 80 x 120 mm. The package type depends on the characteristics of the filled products.

Fill-capacities of sachets:  from 1 ml up to 50 ml.

Double sachets cdrpojedyncza eurotech



Those packages are perfect for filling both liquid materials and loose products (cosmetics, food, pharmaceutic products). Duo-Sachets enable to fill 2 various substances in one package.

Additionally, they may be provided with the Euro-hole.
Filling capacity: from 2×2 ml up to 2×25 ml, sachets dimensions: from 2×60/120 mm up to 78/160 mm.  



Sachets for wipes

chusteczka tech

We provide the unique opportunity to use the sachets containing the tissues soaked with any liquid. It is possible to produce: refreshing tissues, hygienic tissues, wood surface tissues, cleaning tissues suitable for glasses, windowpanes or plastic surfaces. Novelty: we offer double sachets containing both a liquid soaked and dry, regular tissues, in the form of a set suitable for cleaning of various surfaces or body refreshing. Sachets dimensions: from 60×80 up to 100x130mm.


Sachets with rounded hole


2 pojedyczaotwtech

Filling capacity: from 1 ml up to 50 ml, sachets dimensions: from 50×70 mm up to 80×120 mm. Perforation diameter: 7 mm.



5 doypacktech



Doypacks for packing of loose and liquid products

These packages are comfortable in transportation and suitable for food and cosmetics substance
Capacities and sizes: from 50 ml up to 1000 ml

Stand-up pouch  Doypack

We apply the multi-layer triplex foil, which is delivered by the recognized manufacturer LEIPA POLSKA Sp. z o.o. The characteristics of the foil applied:

  • The foil forms an absolute barrier to the oxygen, water vapour and sunlight, which protects the product and has a positive impact on its lifespan.
  • The foil is scentless.
  • The foil does not contain adhesives and solvents, which prevents the packaging substances from migrating and penetrating into the product.
  • We provide the sufficiently detailed documentation concerning foil in regard to the suitability for packaging of food products:
    • Certificate issued by the National Institute of Hygiene,
    • Test results concerning the content of heavy metals,
    • Overall migration test results.

Based on our long and wide experience, we are happy to advise our Customers in selecting the most suitable packaging type for the product.




Standard- caps (diameter  30 mm and 35 mm)

Standard cap


Flip-top caps

Nakrętki FT kolor (2)

Flip-top cap


– producing cosmetic substances: creams, lotions, gel, etc.,

– packaging the substances into the tubes of the capacity: from 20 up to 300 ml,

– packaging the substances into the bottles of the capacity: from 3 ml,

– packaging the substances into the sachets of the capacity: from 0,5 ml,

– packaging the substances into the regular doypacks, doypacks with a spout or zipper ,

– labelling of polyethylene tubes, bottles and jars.

Beauty Products



Our packages are the guarantee of quality and success